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How to Look And Feel Youthful After Turning 40

From wine, to cheese, to 401Ks, many things do get better with age. And we’d all be better served by embracing the fact that growing older is a blessing, as opposed to anything resembling a curse.

But, if the thought of laugh lines makes you want to reach for a box of tissues, take a deep breath and don’t panic. We’ve scoured the internet and found the top 7 ways to not only look, but feel younger too!



1. Look Better At 40 Than At 20! Melissa Gorga Proves Age is Just a Number. 

Melissa Gorga, star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, is known for her age-defying body and gorgeous looks. At 40, people still mistake her for being in her 20’s. She often still gets carded when out with friends! As you’re about to see…her secret product is vastly different then any other anti-aging product you’ve ever tried…

What’s this 40 year old’s secret?

Ageless Glow! Unlike other products, it works with your skin at the deepest levels – improving texture from the inside out.  This serum packs in 4 ultra-effective, skin-rejuvenating ingredients backed by REAL SCIENCE.

  • Majestem™ – an active ingredient which visibly lifts, tightens sagging skin, and lifts the cheeks.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – promotes collagen and elastic, keeping you looking and feeling young!
  • Squalane – nature’s best moisturizer – hydrates skin and helps absorb skin-nourishing ingredients  
  • Senestem™ – fades age spots and brightens skins

“Wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin are just part of getting older.”

And you’ll be happy to know this is completely untrue. Because scientific research has now revealed what causes them and the most effective ways to combat them. And you’ll be even happier to know… it’s now faster and easier than ever for you to do so.

Try Ageless Glow Today and get FREE SHIPPING & up to 40% OFF.



2. Abs After 40 – Burn Stubborn Body Fat on the Keto Diet

A keto diet has been shown to burn up to 10 TIMES MORE FAT than other diets. On the diet you reach into your stored fat reserves for energy while sparing muscle, which removes inches of pure body fat!

Besides losing weight, a ketogenic diet has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression. Achieving a state of nutritional ketosis can support energy balance and mood stability. We all know stress and anxiety have a direct impact on our aging process, so if you haven’t tried the keto diet, we highly recommend jumping on the bandwagon!

This skinny patch helps melt away lingering fat on the keto diet. Bonus – it’s backed by Shark Tank investors! Clinical trials of the patch have uncovered that both women and men who used it were able to drastically reduce fat with no exercise required. Cut out your gym bill and expensive health foods by tring Ultra Slim Down. Read more here.


3. Secret to Better Brain, Younger Face and Longer Life

We’ve all been there. Restlessly tossing and turning in bed, watching the hours on the clock tick by until dawn creeps up on us. I work Monday to Friday, and as soon as I get home, all of my energy goes to my kids. You may think that with all that movement throughout the day, I would be exhausted and ready to pass out like a log… but I guess my body has another agenda.

In this crazy, fast-paced world, we all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. Beyond the alarming risks of disease that come along with sleep deprivation, it can also affect your memory, concentration, mental health, and even your weight!

According to sleep experts, dead skin cells, oil, sweat, drool, dust, bacteria, fungus, and even dust mites are sharing your bed with you! I didn’t know I was exposing myself to all these accumulated germs and wasn’t aware of the effect it had on my quality of sleep, allergies, and overall health. Beyond that, reading about the pros and cons of other pillows just made me even more attracted to SleepNow! Hypoallergenic, cooling, cruelty-free, adjustable firmness, soft, easy to clean… I could just go on and on! Upgrading my pillow may have been the best thing I had ever done for myself!


4. Over 50% of Women Will Suffer From Hair Loss Before Age 50. Don’t Be One of Them!

Hair loss in women is due to the actions of androgens – or naturally occurring hormones that can affect hair growth. These hormones can interfere with the growth cycle of the hair and potentially lead to hair loss. As we age our bodies change. Our skin may not be as firm and youthful looking, our bodies are not as strong. Our scalp and hair are just as susceptible to the aging process. Tressurge Hair Growth Serum contains active ingredients that help to repair the structure of the hair follicle slowing down the aging process.

Proven formula for hair regrowth and repair, Tressurge provides a protective and restorative effect on the structure of the hair follicle, increasing significant hair count by up to 46%. It’s five active ingredients, Procapil, Biotin, Glycerin, Rosmarinus Officinalis, and Equisetum Arvense, work together to increase blood stimulation with in the scalp, allowing more nourishment to reach the dermal papilla cells, which produce healthier growing hair.

Over 88% of women agree that Tressurge has helped them regrow their hair to look fuller and thicker.

5. First Ever Anti-Aging Concealer Takes 10 Years off your Appearance

Céleste Luxury Concealer recently unveiled a product proven to restore skin to a dramatically more youthful condition, while also covering up imperfections like dark spots, crows feet, and wrinkles.

The concealer contains a solution that targets a toxic protein scientists have linked to thin, saggy skin. It’s an all in one anti-aging product that creates a sculpting effect, removing 10+ years from your face in addition to preventing further aging.

Céleste is running a limited time promotion where customers receive 15% off with coupon code “GET15.” I’ve seen the results myself, and recommend taking advantage of this promotion before it’s gone!

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